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women help forge path toward lower methane emissions future

2 min read | march 27, 2024

Arsineh Hecobian’s schedule is sometimes ruled by meetings, but there’s one she’ll never forget.

She had logged onto a video call about methane emissions reduction to discover all six participants were women.

“I remember that moment of looking at the screen and seeing all these amazing women working to solve the same challenge,” said Hecobian, a Chevron methane detection and quantification advisor. “I can’t express how much joy I get from even just saying that.”

“Being surrounded by women who are strong, smart and committed to our goal of keeping methane in the pipe is a very good feeling.”

arsineh hecobian
methane detection and quantification advisor
methane reduction team

why it matters

The International Energy Agency says rapid and sustained methane emission reductions “are key to limiting near-term global warming and improving air quality.”

Meeting such targets requires a diverse workforce, Hecobian said. “Sometimes, it’s the lack of diversity of thought that holds us back,” she said. “Having a diverse team truly allows for different types of opinions to be shared, and that’s what propels us to reach our goals faster.”

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Did you know?
Female representation at Chevron is higher than the industry average.

a united front

Many of Chevron’s efforts reducing methane emissions are led by women.

In the Permian Basin, for instance, Munkhbayar Baasandorj, leads the region’s methane strategy.

“Chevron is a leader in methane reduction in the Permian Basin, and we are very proud of that. We all work very hard to maintain that status in this very competitive space.”

munkhbayar baasandorj
methane strategy lead
midcontinent carbon management team

more on that

Elsewhere, women are making strides in reducing methane emissions, including:

  • Vanessa Ryan, Chevron’s methane reduction manager, was recently named one of Hart Energy’s 50 groundbreaking pioneers in the sector for the past five decades.
  • Colleagues Blair Blackwell and Emily Jobson worked together to detect methane emissions by satellite in Kazakhstan.
  • Colby Hall led a 20-day drone campaign offshore Angola to gather methane emission data that could inform repairs.
“We help keep methane in the pipe by bringing together the best ideas from across disciplines, and across the globe.”

vanessa ryan
manager of methane reduction

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