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ACT expo drives toward lower carbon emissions transportation

3 min read | may 31, 2024

Andy Walz, president of Chevron Americas Products, spoke at 2024’s ACT Expo.

How many packages are delivered in one year? Globally, it’s more than 161 billion. Imagine how many ships, trucks and drivers that takes.

The annual Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo brings together thousands of transportation leaders from across the globe. Their goal? To find lower carbon ways to move products and people.

Andy Walz, president of Chevron Americas Products, spoke at the 2024 ACT Expo. He explained how Chevron brings innovation to this field, and he explored the many ways transportation’s carbon intensity can be reduced.

why it matters

Transportation is the biggest contributor to U.S. greenhouse gases. It averages 28% of total CO2 emissions each year. With advancements in engine technology and lower carbon fuels, commercial vehicles could be an important part of a lower carbon future.

Supportive collaborations are key to making progress. One example: Chevron hosted a ride-and-drive truck demonstration at this year’s ACT Expo. The demo featured trucks with Cummins X15N natural gas engines. Companies can try the trucks in their operations for up to 18 calendar days and fuel them at Chevron’s network of natural gas stations. This is one step toward lowering CO2 emissions.

Compressed natural gas engines have power and towing capacities similar to those of diesel engines.

what’s ahead

There are possible options for some vehicles. Expanding acceptance and furthering adoption of these options will require government support. Some of these options are:

  • Increasing the amount of renewable diesel used in existing vehicles.
  • Exploring hydrogen production and technology. This lower carbon fuel helps vehicles travel further with less refueling.
  • Supporting policies that make renewable gasoline blends more economical. These lower carbon fuels can be used in cars on the road today.
  • Expanding the use of biodiesel in vehicles today, as well as using it as a blend stock with petroleum diesel and renewable diesel.

Chevron is investing in technologies and collaborating with partners and policymakers to make these solutions more reliable, accessible and affordable.

the big picture

ACT Expo is North America’s largest gathering of fleet operators, industry executives and professionals working on commercial transportation advancements. Manufacturers like Paccar, Volvo, Cummins, Toyota and Waste Management are collaborating with Chevron to explore new ways to lower the carbon intensity of this hard-to-abate sector.

“There is no one-size-fits-all solution for transportation. Multiple energy solutions are needed to meet the world’s growing demand.”

andy walz

president, chevron americas products

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