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gathering and exporting gas is a win-win for reducing flaring

3 min | may 02, 2024

Saudi Arabian Chevron plans to reduce flaring with a new project by 2028.

Saudi Arabian Chevron is showing that there is another way to deal with excess natural gas than flaring it.

The solution? Instead of being flared, the excess gas could be used to generate power that cools homes and charges smartphones.

how it’s done

To achieve this, Kuwait Oil Company will receive the surplus gas for treatment and use.

The approach is meant to help Saudi Arabian Chevron reduce its flaring by more than 95%, resulting in reducing its total emissions by 53% within the next five years.

“I live in this region, and I would like to see gas utilized to produce the affordable, reliable energy our region needs.”

ali alsaqour
lower carbon champion

why it matters

Preventing and reducing methane emissions is important for a lower carbon future.

Companies like Saudi Arabian Chevron are striving to find ways to reduce their carbon intensity and use excess gas.

step by step

Saudi Arabian Chevron is about halfway through its multistep—and multiyear—flaring reduction journey.

This includes the recent success of gathering and exporting nearly 2.7 million standard cubic feet per day to the company’s partner.

These efforts are part of a project involving Saudi Arabian Chevron, Kuwait Gulf Oil Company and Kuwait Oil Company. Once the project is complete, routine gas flaring is expected to be reduced by 95% in the business unit operating in both Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

one challenge, two nations

Saudi Arabian Chevron's flaring and methane reduction efforts extend into Kuwait, because it operates within the Partitioned Zone between the two countries. 

Working in both countries on the same objective means meeting two sets of rules, regulations and stakeholder expectations.

But Chevron is working to reduce emissions in both Saudi Arabia and Kuwait because it believes this is the right thing to do, explained Ali Alsaqour, a lower carbon champion for Saudi Arabian Chevron.

“Preventing and reducing methane emissions is important for a lower carbon future,” said Alsaqour. “Protecting people and the environment is one of Chevron’s core values. It also aligns with our determination to provide energy that is affordable, reliable and ever-cleaner.”

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