what does STEM stand for?

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

what is the chevron STEM zone?

The Chevron STEM Zone is an interactive mobile space for students, teachers and parents to learn how science, technology, engineering and math concepts are connected to everyday life.

The Chevron STEM Zone is built to be a hands-on environment, like a discovery museum, and it is designed to inspire students to pursue STEM careers. The Chevron STEM Zone features learning stations, or exhibits, which bring various STEM lessons to life. These exhibits are intended to bring excitement and engagement to science, technology, engineering and math by showing their real-world applications, and creating awareness of STEM in everyday life.

why is chevron dedicated to STEM?

Our investments in education are long-term and far-reaching, and our support for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education helps communities prosper and gives everyone partnership in the process. We work to create innovative education programs that position the next generation of problem solvers to tackle the most complex challenges of the future.

Working with our partners, we take a comprehensive approach to investments in education by getting students excited about STEM and encouraging them to pursue STEM courses and, ultimately, STEM careers. We support educational standards and proven curricula that promote project- and problem-based learning. We also support teacher training, provide classroom resources, fund outside-of-school activities, and form partnerships with universities designed to strengthen faculty, curricula and student development. In addition to helping the communities where we operate, these investments help us. Tomorrow’s Chevron engineers are today’s schoolchildren.

how can I visit the chevron STEM zone?

Check out our Chevron STEM Zone calendar to find out when the Chevron STEM Zone might be coming near you.

who can participate in the chevron STEM zone?

The Chevron STEM Zone invites students of all ages to participate.

is the chevron STEM zone wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the Chevron STEM Zone is accessible to wheelchairs.

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