environmental management company

Established in 1998, Chevron’s Environmental Management Company (EMC) leads Chevron’s global remediation, reclamation and asset retirement work. EMC supports the company’s global businesses in more than 35 countries around the world.

Decommissioning onshore and offshore assets is an essential part of Chevron’s long-term stewardship of its assets. EMC leads a variety of decommissioning-related community-of-practice groups to promote consistency of planning and safe decommissioning execution across the enterprise. Chevron’s Upstream Asset Retirement Strategic Framework provides guidance to our worldwide Upstream business units by establishing consistency in the way Chevron assesses, manages and executes its asset retirement obligations. The framework leverages the skills and expertise of EMC, which provides support and guidance so that asset retirement is executed in a disciplined, proactive and consistent manner.

Guided by The Chevron Way, EMC provides a wide range of environmental services, including remediation of legacy and operating sites, development of asset plans for footprint management, and the reduction of impacts of operations, all while protecting the environment and public health in communities where we operate.

By assessing environmental impacts and evaluating end-state alternatives, EMC finds opportunities to convert land and assets for company, public, third-party and wildlife reuse.

EMC demonstrated its commitment to the communities where it operates while managing environmental responsibilities when it was remediating a former oil field site in Casmalia, California, where property is owned by a local family ranch. During the site’s remediation phase, EMC constructed a steel bridge to provide a safe crossing over an onsite stream. The bridge will continue to serve the working ranch long after EMC’s work is completed, illustrating the strong relationship Chevron has maintained with the family during this site restoration process.

In conjunction with its remedial activities, EMC often repurposes a site in an effort to convert former industrial land for beneficial reuse. In Questa, New Mexico, at the site of a century-old molybdenum mine, we recently worked to restore Eagle Rock Lake, a key recreational resource for the local community. The project involved remediation of impacted sediment and a redesign of the surface to enable improved access and better represent the region’s aesthetic.

Updated: April 2018