our human ingenuity

Chevron produces energy to meet the world’s needs, but Chevron itself is a product of its workforce and human ingenuity. Meet the people that make our company unique, as they give us an insider’s look at their work days and share a bit about their lives at Chevron.

Rhonika Kaplan’s love of geology started in her junior year of college, and that triggered a shift in her career goals. Being a geologist with a non-traditional background, lends to Rhonika’s ability to bring innovating to solving problems.

i am ... a senior technical

Rhonika Kaplan’s non-traditional background lends to her ability to innovate when solving problems.
I am an offshore installation manager
Sumit Sitiwongse wants to make sure that everyone who comes to work on a Chevron platform on Benchamas Field, returns home safely.
Day in the Life- HES Superintendent
Sonjoy Kar’s job is to make sure people are safe in their day-to-day activities on the plant, and in the community in which we operate.

i am ... a geoscientist

Sirajum Munira’s work involves evaluating undiscovered resources in Bangladesh, to help fulfill our global energy demand.

i am ... a supply chain management manager

Eliana Coelo tries to shape the supply chain to make sure that Chevron is delivers safety, performance, and value for our Angola business.
Brian Stefanick manages a lab designed to blend fuel, run vehicles, build and tear down engines, and facilitate experiments by fuels engineers.

i am ... a turnaround subject matter expert

Dolly Boden and her team want to make turnarounds more efficient and the durations as short as possible.

i am ... a chemist

Yaya Zhu runs tests that allow her to understand the most abundant elements in materials and see the clear diffraction patterns.
Colter Morgan explains how being a factory coordinator supports our Permian Basin shale and unconventional operations.
Eka Pramana explains his role in delivering energy to Indonesia.
Alena Crivello describes her use of analytics to find solutions to complex problems.
Bariş Güyagüler helps create computer-based models for the fluids and rocks in subsurface reservoirs.

i am ... an environmental advisor

Arthur Lee's future-oriented work ties closely to his ultimate goal of helping to develop technologies that will reduce emissions. 

i am ... a cyber threat intelligence analyst

Jessica Lee works to protect the information and technology assets in every single country where Chevron does business.
Kelsey Prestidge oversees personnel on location, logistics and safety for Chevron’s midcontinent business unit.
Yuguang Chen models fundamental recovery mechanisms and develops simulation modeling and capabilities to provide recovery forecasting to Chevron business units.
Will Bentley manages controllers who remotely monitor and operate thousands of miles of pipeline across the U.S.
Roger Cooper maintains engines that are providing power for Chevron’s operations around the world to produce oil and natural gas.
Bill Laster ensures the El Segundo Refinery operates efficiently, day in and day out, incident and injury free.
Kaylin Buscovich takes us through her day of helping maintain and operate Chevron facilities.
Nicole Oakes shows us what life is like on the Chevron trading room floor.
Mauricio Calva shows us how inspection technology is changing real-life scenarios.

i am ... a firefighter

Corena LeDonne takes us through her typical day as a Chevron firefighter – a day that’s anything but typical.
Captain Robert Serewa takes us aboard the Asia Excellence, one of Chevron’s new liquefied natural gas carriers.