carbon capture helps make a lower carbon future possible

tackling carbon emissions takes big thinking put into even bigger action

in the last 200 years,

human activity has raised the atmosphere's CO₂ content by 50%

chevron aims to capture 25 million metric tonnes of CO2 each year by decade’s end

that’s like taking over 5 million cars off the road every year

leading in carbon capture

Chevron supports the Paris Agreement, which CCS is a critical part of achieving its goals. As we look to the future, we're innovating toward ever-cleaner energy.

explore carbon capture in AR Discover an Australian nature reserve that hosts one of the largest carbon capture projects in the world.

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policies towards progress policies towards carbon capture

To advance widescale deployment, governments and public-private partnerships can be particularly effective in overcoming barriers such as, high cost of CO2 capture, lack of CO2 transportation infrastructure, and gap in public understanding and acceptance of CCS.