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2021 annual reportaccelerating progress

"Accelerating" characterizes the experience of the past year and the call to action shaping the years ahead. "Progress" means doing even more to deliver affordable, reliable and ever-cleaner energy – essential to modern life for billions of people around the world.

Our actions must respond to the world’s growing energy needs and its expectations for a lower carbon future.

We intend to accelerate our progress to meet these twin goals.

chairman's letter

Mike Wirth
“At Chevron, we look to the future with optimism.”

Mike Wirth

Chairman and CEO, Chevron

taking on tomorrow, today

We’re focused on making progress today. This means setting ambitious targets for emissions intensity reductions, developing new technologies and working with customers toward solutions that help them lower their emissions and meet their goals.

Annual report 2021 progress

our beliefs

We strive to achieve results the right way. Our actions and investments are guided by a set of beliefs that shape our culture and underpin our commitment to deliver for our stockholders, partners and all our stakeholders.

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energy is essential to modern life

We work to provide the energy that enables human progress around the world. We live this purpose every day.
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human ingenuity fuels innovation

The imagination and perseverance of people will deliver solutions to energy's greatest challenges.
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the future is lower carbon

Our actions can help make energy and global supply chains more sustainable, helping industries and customers who use our products advance a lower carbon world.

leadership carries great responsibility

Meeting rising expectations demands performance and accountability at the highest level. We aim to deliver industry-leading results.

our strategy

leveraging our strengths to deliver
lower carbon energy to a growing world

how will we achieve this?

Our capabilities, assets and customers are distinct advantages. We’re building on these strengths as we aim to lead in lower carbon intensity oil, products and natural gas and to advance new products and solutions that reduce the carbon emissions of major industries – driving energy progress essential to a dynamic world.

with our human ingenuity

“Progress” means doing even more to deliver energy that is affordable, reliable and ever-cleaner – essential to modern life for billions of people around the world. It means becoming more efficient, returning greater value to our stockholders and growing the capabilities of our people.

meet dolly boden, our turnaround expert

She is the woman behind some of our complex turnaround projects. Her job involves problem-solving to improve process safety and reduce environmental impact.
meet dolly boden, our turnaround expert

our people deliver on our purpose, every day

Hugo monge

hugo monge
network technician

Hugo believes that he plays a crucial role in lowering carbon at Chevron’s Rocky Mountain Business Unit. By ensuring proper installation and maintenance of automation equipment, he enables accurate reporting of valuable data to environmental authorities – critical to Chevron’s carbonfree goal, and his aspirations to create a better future for his daughter.

Oswalda tunga

oswalda tunga
instrument technician

Oswalda goes to work every day with a purpose. One that allows her to play a part in lowering the carbon intensity of Chevron’s operations. As she pursues growth and independence in her career, she is also determined to finding alternate solutions to the world’s growing energy needs.

2021 annual report