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emissions solutions applying technologies to find and fix methane emissions

2 min read | may 04, 2022

As a U.S. leader in managing methane emissions, Chevron is taking several proactive approaches – from the surface to sky – to expand its methane-detection and reduction capabilities.

high-tech cameras

Chevron uses optical gas imaging (OGI) cameras throughout our U.S. upstream operations to identify active leaks as small as a pin tip.

The portable handheld devices – utilized for proactive leak detection and regulatory compliance – are used by technicians to identify issues from the ground. Once a leak is found, it’s logged and repaired.

eyes in the sky

With numerous upstream locations across the U.S., we need an efficient way to survey large areas. Using handheld devices on the ground, OGI cameras are mounted on drones to improve survey capabilities at elevated and other hard-to-reach locations.

Chevron is also collaborating in aerial flyovers using Bridger Photonics’ special imaging technology to survey large areas and pinpoint the approximate location of leaking equipment in the Permian Basin.

We’re also testing the use of airborne sensors using aircrafts and drones to achieve broader coverage. All of these technologies improve our detection capabilities.

MCBU methane detection drone pilot

continuous monitoring

We are also applying continuous monitoring solutions to monitor and gather methane emissions data in real time at a well pad or facility.

Chevron is conducting various pilots such as Project Canary – which installed monitors at five of our locations as part of a voluntary responsible gas certification program – and Project Astra, which deployed continuous monitoring at an area level to broaden its applicability across a larger asset base.

ongoing efforts

Chevron’s work doesn’t end once a leak is found, nor does it conclude once it’s repaired. Our efforts are ongoing in upgrading equipment to prevent future emissions.

We are in the process of expanding Chevron’s methane detection capabilities to help us identify the best opportunities to further lower emissions. We believe policy should flexibly incorporate all forms of technologies to effectively help us identify and address methane emissions and reduce our environmental impact.

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