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emissions solutions independent analysis recognizes environmental excellence

3 min read | june 30, 2022

Chevron’s approach to being a lower carbon energy leader has earned us the highest ratings from a third-party verifier. Project Canary, a data analytics company that provides environmental assessments within the energy sector, awarded us with their highest possible rating.

going platinum

The Denver-based tech company recently assessed five of our upstream sites in the Midland Basin (part of the larger Permian Basin in Texas) and the DJ Basin’s Mustang Development Area in Colorado.

  • Project Canary analyzed 85 of our wells, resulting in 82 wells achieving platinum status and three wells receiving gold status.
worker in RBU

tough crowd

Project Canary’s TrustWell™ ratings are based on a rigorous lineup of factors, setting the bar high for recognition. They include:

  • Risk condition assessments
  • Engineering practices
  • Operational impacts on the community, air and land
  • A review of technique throughout the management systems, including preventative controls, surveillance and response

why it matters

Project Canary’s assessment differentiates Chevron by providing further evidence that we are striving to be a leading lower carbon producer. It also validates our approach to production and helps identify ways we can improve.

Later this year, Chevron will market its newly certified assets as responsibly sourced gas (RSG). Consumers who buy RSG are supporting gas produced under the highest air, water, land and community standards as certified by a third party.

“Buyers of RSG certified by Project Canary can have confidence that each producing well has been reviewed and verified for aspects of Chevron’s environmental and social performance,” said Project Canary co-founder Chris Romer.

reading the tea leaves

Companies that receive platinum designations are found to be more responsible than 90% of competitors, while gold status designations are given to those more responsible than 75% of other operators. Those in the silver category are more responsible than 50% of operators.

for the record

Our environmental accomplishments predate the Project Canary certification.

  • In 2020, Chevron’s U.S. onshore production methane intensity was 85% lower than the U.S. industry average.
  • We continue to design, construct and operate facilities with strategies to limit fugitive emissions. We’re also expanding our methane detection capabilities to identify the best opportunities to further lower emissions.
  • We are on track to meet our target of reducing methane emissions intensity by more than 50% from 2016 levels by 2028.

thought bubble

“The certificates we received are a testament to our operational practices here in the DJ Basin,” said Jesse Sandlin, lead operational excellence management system specialist for Chevron’s Rockies Business Unit. He led our participation in the Project Canary evaluation. “It’s a good benchmark for us to see how we compare with our peers and, as it turns out, we compare well.

“To have a neutral third party come in and say our facilities are in great shape is exciting,” he continued. “It validates our work striving toward lower carbon intensity production.”

TrustWell is a trademark of Project Canary.

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