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neurodiversity program energizes our workforce

1 min read | june 27, 2022

A workforce with an array of talents, ideas and experiences helps drive creative solutions that improve our day-to-day operations and market performance. Neurodiversity – that is, variations in the ways people think, process information and see the world – is part of the mix that can give us a competitive edge. It’s an area where we want to build strength and open doors.

what’s new

Neurodiverse job seekers, like those with autism, dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Tourette syndrome and similar conditions, are tapping into Chevron’s Neurodiversity Hiring Program. We’re ready to provide qualified candidates with training and support for career growth in multiple job roles across our IT and digital workforce – including software engineers, data engineers and cybersecurity analysts.

why it matters

Bill Braun, Chevron chief information officer, is passionate about neurodiversity, both because of his experiences throughout his career and his relationship with family members who have been diagnosed on the spectrum. He recognizes that the highly analytical, unique talents of neurodiverse professionals can bring innovation and incredible problem solving in IT teams and beyond.

“Neurodivergent individuals have a strong skill set that can be often overlooked or seen as a challenge instead of a strength,” Bill said.

“Neuroinclusion is an important facet of how we embrace opportunities to respect and learn from each other, and accomplish amazing things as individuals and as a collective.”

bill braun

chief information officer

how it works

The 12-week internship program places participants in job roles that align with their capabilities. This gives them an opportunity to make valuable work contributions.

  • Chevron supervisors and coworkers receive training on how to manage and collaborate effectively with neurodiverse individuals.
  • Participants can expect to receive job coaching, individualized support and technical training as appropriate.
  • Interns who successfully demonstrate their abilities may be offered full-time employment.

by the numbers



of the global population is considered neurodiverse



of neurodivergent adults are unemployed

in the U.S., an estimated


of people on the autism spectrum are unemployed

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