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2 min read | december 13, 2022

A Chevron worker adjusts a bolt at a central gathering facility near Pecos, Texas.

The best ideas aren’t always dreamed up from corporate offices. They also stem from creative thinkers working directly in the field, who are valued for their firsthand experience in how processes work and the challenges being faced.

innovation in action

When Josh Peaslee looks at the world, he doesn’t see challenges—he sees opportunities. The Chevron Colorado production operations team, which Peaslee leads, has introduced several innovative ideas to help lower the carbon intensity of our Colorado operations. This includes:

  • Optimizing our operators’ driving routes to reduce road time and emissions and improve efficiency.
  • Rolling out tankless production facilities that reduce emissions and surface footprint.
  • Reducing emissions from well unloading by implementing new technologies and processes to keep hydrocarbons in the pipe.

“The folks in the field understand the processes and challenges firsthand,” Peaslee said. “A lot of teamwork goes into bringing these ideas to fruition, and I think we end up with a better product when we’re all collaborating on a common goal.”

idea generators

From the valleys of Colorado to the plains of Kazakhstan, we spearhead programs that encourage creative thinking and problem solving. For example:

  • In Kazakhstan, our “digital yurt” initiative encourages employees to submit ideas and compete for funding to develop them as part of Chevron’s digital transformation efforts. The yurt, which is a dwelling, was chosen to represent the effort because it is an unmistakable symbol of Kazakh culture and that of other Turkic nomadic people.
  • Our annual Innovation Day is a chance for Chevron teams worldwide to prepare and pitch groundbreaking ideas in front of judges and compete for prizes.
  • Chevron teams regularly meet to brainstorm ideas, share best practices and discuss ways of operating more efficiently.
  • Good ideas aren’t confined to the region from where they originate; they’re shared with other business units throughout Chevron’s enterprise.
“If we didn’t work as one team, we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all that we have.”

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