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growing world needs balance of new and traditional energies

1 min read | september 25, 2023

Freeman Shaheen, president of Chevron’s Global Gas, addresses policy and partnership at Gastech 2023 in Singapore.

The population is expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, and energy use continues to rise by 1% to 2% a year.

Chevron leaders addressed energy sources and greenhouse gas emissions at Gastech Singapore 2023, an annual event focused on gas-based energies, lower carbon solutions and innovative technologies.

supporting change

Balancing the world’s growing energy demands and need for reduced greenhouse gas emissions requires both new and existing energy sources.

“We believe all energy sources are needed, including natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG),” said Colin Parfitt, president of Midstream for Chevron.

Chevron is increasing LNG production to meet rising demand.

“Natural gas produces 50% less carbon emissions on average than coal in electricity generation. Asia has this transition ahead of it, and getting more gas to Asia as LNG will play a key role in the energy transition.”

colin parfitt
president, Midstream

policy and partnership

Companies, governments and others must work together to increase energy supplies and reduce greenhouse gases, according to Freeman Shaheen, Chevron’s president of Global Gas. Laws and regulations will play vital roles in meeting energy needs.

“Public policy can help us meet growing infrastructure needs, encourage investments and simplify permitting.”

freeman shaheen
president, Global Gas

technology and investment

This year’s event centered on technology’s role in reaching lower emissions.

“Chevron aims to deliver affordable, reliable, ever-cleaner solutions, and we believe hydrogen will play a large part in that strategy,” said Austin Knight, vice president of Hydrogen, Chevron New Energies.

“Partnership, technology and expertise have driven our success, and continue shaping our present and future.”

austin knight
vice president, Hydrogen

Chevron was a main sponsor of the event, which draws policymakers and energy leaders from around the globe.

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