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in energy progress, there’s power in partnerships

2 min read | december 06, 2023

Chevron’s work with Svante is one of several examples of how it’s teaming up with others to advance lower carbon goals.

Whether it’s collecting waste or planting trees, environmental efforts are often best accomplished as a team.

The same holds true for solving challenges on a larger scale.

“At Chevron, we work collaboratively within the industry and with policymakers to help us advance lower carbon aspirations.”

chris jablonski
vice president of Downstream Technology and Services

hear it from the top

Mike Wirth, Chevron’s Chairman and CEO, has previously flagged the importance of working together to find lower carbon solutions.

“We need to move rapidly,” he told Barron’s earlier this year. “We need to engage with innovation through universities, national laboratories and startup companies, all of which we work closely with, to try to bring these new technologies into the market.”

compressed natural gas fueling

Chevron is working with one company in particular to build a compressed natural gas fueling network.

partnering up

In its 2023 Climate Change Resilience Report, Chevron detailed how it is working with other companies to reach its lower carbon goals.

This includes joint ventures with:

  • The company’s participation in the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative. Member companies have a methane-intensity target to help reduce collective average upstream methane intensity to well below .20% by 2025.
  • Bunge, a multinational agribusiness, to develop renewable fuel feedstocks.
  • Talos Energy Inc., an offshore exploration and production company, and international energy company Equinor. The joint venture was formed to develop the Bayou Bend carbon capture and storage project, located along the Texas Gulf Coast.
  • Baseload Capital to advance geothermal opportunities.
  • Beyond6, LLC, now under Chevron’s full ownership, and its U.S. network of 55 compressed natural gas fueling stations, also supplied with renewable natural gas.

more on that

Chevron has a history of sparking innovation through investments in new technologies, research and development, and collaboration.

It believes cooperation, in both public and private sectors, can help reduce the emissions of entire industries.

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