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women in energy lead and inspire by example

4 min read | march 07, 2024

Inclusiveness in the workplace helps encourage new ideas, accelerates change and inspires the next generation of female leaders.

From boardroom tables to computer desks and machinery seats, women are literally helping power the world.

At least that’s the case at Chevron, where workers at many levels are breaking barriers onshore, offshore and even in space.

Here are some stories from women who are leading and inspiring change while setting examples for the next generation of female talent.

why it matters

The International Energy Agency notes that the gender imbalance is happening during the energy transition, which requires innovative solutions from a diverse workforce.
Women account for just 16% of all traditional energy sector jobs, according to the International Energy Agency.

meeting the moment

Whether it’s joining colleagues for a meal or learning a new language while abroad, leading with intention can be a powerful way to foster inclusiveness and growth.

This is recognized by women like Sunday Shepherd, Chevron’s general manager of strategy, who believes in making moments count.

“For me, genuine inclusion is really about the small moments,” Shepherd said. “Small moments are easy and natural. Sometimes we’re not even aware that we’re doing it. But when we start doing it with intention, that’s when they become the most powerful for us and others.”

“Reflecting back, I’ve noticed how important small moments have been to me. Sometimes they’ve been of life-changing importance.”

sunday shepherd
general manager of strategy

inspiring inclusion

Chevron’s attitude of inclusiveness is shared by workers like Mariela Moreno, a manager of Chevron’s Ballymore Project, who has made workplace diversity her passion.

Outside the office, Mariela Moreno, a busy mom of two, plays golf and runs marathons.

Outside the office, Mariela Moreno, a busy mom of two, plays golf and runs marathons.

“You get the best out of your teams when you empower people and motivate them to be themselves,” Moreno said. “I’m a true believer in diversity and the innovation and ideas that come from a diverse workforce.”
“When you put people in a position where they can do their best work, that’s where the magic happens.”

mariela moreno
Ballymore shared services manager

trailblazing forewoman

Inclusion isn’t restricted to gender; it’s also a matter of providing opportunities to young and innovative talent.

Katila Dompetelo, 37, is a wife, mother—the first forewoman on the Mafumeira Sul project, which is located on the southwestern coast of Africa.

Despite the pressures of her job and the challenges it brings, Dompetelo said she considers it to be a vessel for professional growth.

Her role is physically challenging and, for Dompetelo, proof that women are capable of any task when given the opportunity.

“We are tough by nature.
There is nothing we can’t do.”

katila dompetelo
mafumeira forewoman
chevron Angola

follow the leaders

Throughout Chevron, women are setting an example for future female leaders in the industry and encouraging them to reach further.

Nuray Elci

Nuray Elci, vice president of renewables

Nuray leads Chevron’s renewable transportation fuels business from strategy to execution and acquisitions.
Sandra Hernandez

Sandra Hernandez, first female Latina Fellow in Chevron history

This is the company’s highest recognition for excellence in technology and innovative solutions.
Molly Laegeler

Molly Laegeler, vice president of Strategy & Sustainability

In this role, Laegeler is responsible for guiding Chevron’s key strategies, including capital allocation and sustainability efforts.
Kim McHugh

Kim McHugh, first woman to become vice president of Rockies Business Unit

McHugh oversees Chevron’s exploration and production activities in the Colorado DJ Basin and on the Western Slope.
Telisa Toliver

Telisa Toliver, general manager of Renewable Power

Through involvement with the Executive Leadership Council, Toliver helps Black talent develop their careers.
Glenda Valero de Silano

Glenda Valero De Silano, first Latina chief talent and learning officer

Appointed chief learning and talent officer in 2023, Valero De Silano is also a heart health advocate and Fulbright scholar.

opening doors

Chevron sponsors programs around the world that help include and inspire the next generation of talented women. Some of these programs include:

  • A company-sponsored summer camp at Bangladesh’s Asian University for Women that gives aspiring scientists and engineers a path toward a career.
  • A partnership with Techbridge Girls, a program that develops social and leadership skills to prepare young women for careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).
  • A Chevron-sponsored STEM program for girls in Egypt that helps take their curiosity further.

Efforts like these help back women’s progress and accelerate changes to deliver much-needed energy to a growing world today and tomorrow.

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