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women’s energy conference highlights power of small actions

1 min read | february 27, 2024

Women from around the world gathered in Houston, Texas, for the Women’s Global Leadership Conference in Energy.

Sunday Shepherd is a believer in inspiring change through inclusion.

Whether it’s joining colleagues for a meal or learning a new language while abroad, she’s discovered that embracing new perspectives can be a powerful tool for growth.

She recounted how doing so helped lead to her success during the recent Women’s Global Leadership Conference in Energy.

“Small moments are easy and natural,” said Shepherd, Chevron’s general manager of strategy. “Sometimes we’re not even aware that we’re doing it. But when we start doing it with intention, that’s when they become the most powerful for us and others.”

why it matters

Shepherd’s inspirational keynote speech was delivered to attendees gathered at the Chevron-sponsored event in Houston, Texas. Such words of encouragement can benefit the energy industry, where women represent less than 25% of the workforce.

For Shepherd, it was an opportunity to reflect on how connecting with others, even briefly, can leave a lasting impact.

“Reflecting back, I’ve noticed how important small moments have been to me. Sometimes they’ve been of life-changing importance.”

sunday shepherd
general manager of strategy

be the change

Shepherd said she’s learned to forge meaningful connections by finding ways to include others, whether it’s a seat at the lunch table or the boardroom.

She ended her speech by challenging attendees to be the change and a source of inspiration for others.

“If each of us in this room commits to making authentic small moments of inclusion, think about how powerful that will be,” Shepherd told conference attendees.

“When you leave this room, what are the small moments that you’re going to create?”

sunday shepherd

general manager of strategy

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