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renewable fuels VP takes on challenge of lifetime

3 min read | may 03, 2024

As Chevron’s vice president of renewables, Nuray Elci leads a renewable transportation fuels business from strategy to execution and acquisitions.

Nuray Elci has been overcoming obstacles since childhood, when her father’s sudden passing set a difficult upbringing in motion.

His death left the family, which had just moved from Germany to Turkey, with no income, a half-built home and a mother tasked with raising five children alone.

“It was a tough adjustment and trying time for all,” Elci recalled. “It also simultaneously instilled in us the virtues of resilience and determination.”

Elci persevered by focusing on her education, later being admitted to a gifted program where she graduated at the top of her class.

Today, she’s facing the most consequential challenge of her career.

woman on a mission

As Chevron’s vice president of renewables, Elci doesn’t just champion lower carbon solutions. She helps make them happen.

Her focus is on using renewable transportation fuels to help lower the sector’s carbon intensity.

“We’re trying to drive change and contribute to a lower carbon future,” Elci said. “It’s probably one of the most challenging roles I had during my 20-year career with the company.”

“We’re excited about developing new solutions to continue preparing for the future and the changes that may come ahead.”

nuray elci
vice president of renewables

why renewables?

Renewable fuels can help reduce the lifecycle carbon intensity of the transportation sector while meeting the world’s growing energy needs.

Chevron is working with partners to help create a range of viable renewable fuels as both drop-ins and full substitutions for existing fuels.

This includes:

Elci overcame challenges to pursue her education with hopes of making a difference in the world.

ongoing challenge

Although transportation solutions are on the horizon, Elci’s days of conquering challenges are hardly over.

“Every day is a problem-solving day,” she said. “Every day is a learning day. The challenges are evolving, and by the time you think you’ve figured something out, something new comes at you. It’s ever-changing and embracing that change has been fun.”

multiple solutions

Elci added that there’s no single answer as many solutions will be needed to meet future energy demands.

“It’s an ‘and’ world,” she said. “The world is evolving. We need significant amounts of energy, and we need all solutions.”

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