exploration and production in
north america

For the latest figures, view the 2020 Supplement to the Annual Report.

For more than a century, Chevron has played a major role in helping meet North America’s energy needs – finding and producing crude oil and natural gas from beneath the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, from the tight rock of Pennsylvania, Texas and Alberta, and from the fields of central California. Each year, we produce enough oil to fuel 10 million cars and enough natural gas to light 12 million households.

With innovative technology, a skilled workforce and decades of experience, our efficiencies in extracting resources have made us one of the largest liquids producers in the United States. We are among the top oil-equivalent producers in California and are one of the largest leaseholders and producers in the Gulf of Mexico and the Permian Basin area of Texas and New Mexico.


building the base

Many of our U.S. assets are reliable, steady producers of oil and natural gas that are a foundation of the company. We apply technology, such as enhanced recovery methods, to optimize production.

In the San Joaquin Valley of California, where heavy oil makes up about 86 percent of our production, we use steam injection to make the oil flow more easily and to enable us to continue to recover these resources. Technical breakthroughs have enabled ongoing production from fields such as Kern River where oil has flowed since 1899. Our renowned International Heavy Oil Center acts as a heavy oil training and technology transfer facility for employees and partners across the world.

Additional base business operations are active in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and in the Gulf of Mexico.


breaking through the rocks

Technology has also played a key role in freeing oil and natural gas trapped in shale and tight rock, providing a new source of energy for North America. We have extensive acreage in areas with these types of formations, including the Permian and Appalachian basins in the United States and the Duvernay Shale in Canada, and our production is growing.


going deep

Chevron has a leading position in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, a focus area where we are delivering results from complex deepwater developments. There are a host of technical challenges associated with deepwater exploration, drilling and production. We focus on finding creative technology solutions that are safe and environmentally sound.

With Jack/St. Malo, which began producing in late 2014, new technologies led to developing reservoirs once thought unreachable. Throughout the project’s development, we implemented breakthrough technologies that did not exist when the oil fields were discovered in 2003 and 2004.

Today, much of our Gulf of Mexico deepwater production comes from the Jack/St. Malo, Tahiti, Blind Faith, Caesar/Tonga, Tubular Bells and Mad Dog fields and the Perdido Regional Development.


looking to the future

To keep our business strong, we search for ways to create additional value from existing fields and identify new growth opportunities. We are developing new deepwater projects, as well as taking steps to increase production from Jack/St. Malo and Tahiti. Our development of oil and natural gas from tight rock and shale assets is focused on the Permian Basin in Texas and New Mexico, and the Duvernay Shale in Alberta, Canada. In other basins, such as the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, we are focused on identifying the areas most prospective for development and bringing those resources to production safely and cost effectively. 


where we operate

Chevron’s North America upstream business is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and is organized into regional business units that explore for, develop and operate oil and gas assets.

Chevron’s Appalachian Mountain business unit, headquartered in Moon Township, PA, manages our natural gas production assets in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio.

The Appalachian Mountain business unit has strong operating experience in producing natural gas from shale formations and industry-leading expertise in horizontal drilling and completion technologies. We hold a significant lease position in the Marcellus and Utica shales. Read more details on our operations and production in the region.

Chevron is committed to advancing the industry’s operational performance through technological innovation and the sharing of best practices. We have participated in several efforts to establish recommended practices and standards for the Appalachia Region, including being a founding member of the Center for Responsible Shale Development. Learn more about how we responsibly develop our shale gas resources.

Our support for training programs helps build technical skills needed by the workforce of the future.


Investing in communities where our workforce lives and works is a core Chevron value. In the Appalachia Region, Chevron focuses its efforts on helping to create sustained economic growth by supporting education and training. In 2014, we announced a $20 million investment in the Appalachia Partnership Initiative (API) designed to support education and workforce development programs that create long-term economic opportunity in the region.

Learn more in the April 2017 API progress report

View the API infographic

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Additional Information

Chevron’s Canadian business unit has been exploring for, developing, producing and marketing crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids for more than 80 years.

Chevron Canada Resources has interests in oil sands projects and shale/tight resource acreage in Alberta; exploration, development and production projects offshore Newfoundland and Labrador; a proposed liquefied natural gas project and shale/tight resource acreage in British Columbia; and exploration and discovered resource interests in the Beaufort Sea region of the Northwest Territories.

Chevron Canada supports the communities where we operate and contributes to a wide range of programs and organizations that focus on health, education, economic development, Aboriginal initiatives and community capacity building. We have worked with some of our partners for over 20 years.

Calgary-area students experience nature up close and personal at Cross Conservation School


To learn more about our operations, our commitment to the communities where we work and live, visit the Chevron Canada website.

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Chevron and its legacy companies have been developing oil and gas resources in the Gulf of Mexico for more than 80 years. Our Gulf of Mexico business unit (GOMBU) is headquartered in Covington, Louisiana, and maintains a significant presence in Houston, Texas. Offshore operations are also supported by onshore facilities located across southeastern Louisiana and in Mississippi.

Chevron is one of the top leaseholders in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, operating facilities that include Jack/St. Malo, Tahiti and Blind Faith while also holding an interest in the Mad Dog, Tubular Bells, Caesar/Tonga and Perdido fields. Chevron is expanding its footprint and actively exploring for new deepwater discoveries.

To successfully advance projects in the Gulf, Chevron relies on a host of technologies. Our company set records for the world's deepest water injection and intelligent completion at Tahiti and the industry's deepest seafloor boosting system at Jack/St. Malo when these technologies were deployed. Find more details on our Gulf of Mexico operations.

Chevron volunteers support a large number of civic and charitable programs and partnerships along the Gulf Coast.

Along the Gulf Coast and around the world, Chevron is also committed to being a good neighbor, sharing the local community’s concerns in order to create a better future. GOMBU contributes to programs and partnerships focused on health and wellness, economic development, education, and the environment. Chevron employees and contractors also contribute thousands of volunteer hours each year to benefit a variety of civic and charitable organizations. You can learn more in our GOMBU Social Investment Report.

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Additional Information


Chevron’s Mid-Continent business unit manages an expansive resource base of oil and natural gas assets and opportunities in several states – primarily, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. Our headquarters are located in Houston, Texas, with a large office park in Midland, Texas.

The business unit’s purview includes the Permian Basin, one of the most prolific oil and natural gas geologic basins in the United States. Our operations in the Permian date to 1926, and we are one of the biggest producers in the region. We apply advanced technologies and drilling efficiencies to safely develop resources from the Permian’s unique geography. Learn more about Mid-Continent’s operations and production.

Permian High School students demonstrate how to operate a 3D printer at the Fab Lab Permian Basin grand opening at Odessa College.

The Mid-Continent business unit works closely with the communities where we operate. Our primary focus areas are improving the quality of education, especially science, technology, engineering and math (STEM); promoting economic growth, and creating healthier communities. Among the programs we support are: Take 2, which provides job training to low-income residents of Midland and Odessa, Texas; and a Fab Lab at Odessa College, which supports STEM education, workforce development and business idea prototyping.

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Additional information:


Chevron has had a presence in California’s San Joaquin Valley for more than a century. Our San Joaquin Valley business unit (SJVBU), headquartered in Bakersfield, California, produces crude oil and natural gas, as well as electricity and steam.

The SJVBU has operations in several fields, including Coalinga, Cymric, Kern River, Lost Hills, McKittrick, Midway Sunset and San Ardo. With more than 16,000 wells in operation, Chevron is one of the largest net daily oil-equivalent producers in California. Read more details on San Joaquin Valley’s operations and production.

Technology plays an important role in helping to provide affordable, reliable energy to California consumers. The SJVBU’s expertise in steamflood operations — which makes the heavy oil flow more easily — has resulted in a crude oil recovery rate at the Kern River Field of more than 60 percent.

At our renowned International Heavy Oil Center, a joint effort between SJVBU and Chevron Energy Technology Co., our many technical professionals and advanced thermal methods come together in a collaborative and innovative environment. The center acts as a heavy oil training and technology transfer facility for employees and partners across the world.

Fruitvale Junior High students at the California State University Bakersfield Fab Lab

Chevron is committed to investing in the communities where we operate. Since 2010, we have invested millions of dollars in local programs focusing on STEM education, economic development, health programs, and civic engagement benefitting thousands of people in Kern, Fresno and Monterey counties.

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