exploration & production in
north america

For more than a century, Chevron has played a major role in helping meet North America’s energy needs, finding and producing crude oil and natural gas from beneath the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the tight rock of Pennsylvania, Texas and Alberta, and the fields of central California. Each year we produce enough oil to fuel 10 million cars and enough natural gas to light 12 million households.

With innovative technology, a skilled workforce and decades of experience, our efficiencies in extracting resources have made us one of the largest liquids producers in the United States. We rank number one in oil-equivalent production in California, and are one of the largest leaseholders and producers in the Gulf of Mexico and the Permian Basin area of Texas and New Mexico.

building the base

Many of our U.S. assets are reliable, steady producers of oil and natural gas that are a foundation of the company. We apply technology, such as enhanced recovery methods, to optimize production.

In the San Joaquin Valley of California, where heavy oil makes up about 86 percent of our production, we use steam injection to make the oil flow more easily and to enable us to continue to recover these resources. Technical breakthroughs have enabled ongoing production from fields such as Kern River where oil has flowed since 1899. Our renowned International Heavy Oil Center acts as a heavy oil training and technology transfer facility for employees and partners across the world.

Additional base business operations are active in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and in the Gulf of Mexico.

breaking through the rocks

Technology has also played a key role in freeing oil and natural gas trapped in shale and tight rock, providing a new source of energy for North America. We have extensive acreage in areas with these types of formations, including the Permian and Appalachian basins in the United States and the Duvernay Shale in Canada, and our production is growing.

going deep

Chevron has a leading position in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, a focus area where we are delivering results from complex deepwater developments. There are a host of technical challenges associated with deepwater exploration, drilling and production. We focus on finding creative technology solutions that are safe and environmentally sound.

With Jack/St. Malo, which began producing in late 2014, new technologies led to developing reservoirs once thought unreachable. Throughout the project’s development, we implemented breakthrough technologies that did not exist when the oil fields were discovered in 2003 and 2004.

Chevron has been exploring for and developing oil and gas resources in the Gulf of Mexico for more than 75 years. Today, much of our Gulf of Mexico deepwater production comes from the Jack/St. Malo, Tahiti, Blind Faith and Caesar/Tonga fields and the Perdido Regional Development.

looking to the future

To keep our business strong, we search for ways to create additional value from existing fields and identify new growth opportunities. We are developing new deepwater projects, as well as taking steps to increase production from Jack/St. Malo and Tahiti. Our development of oil and natural gas from tight rock and shale assets is focused on the Permian Basin in Texas and New Mexico, and the Duvernay Shale in Alberta, Canada. In other basins, such as the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, we are focused on identifying the areas most prospective for development and bringing those resources to production safely and cost effectively.