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Australia’s first natural gas hub

The Wheatstone Project is one of Australia’s largest resource developments. To date, it has awarded billions of dollars in contracts for materials and services, including many contracts awarded to Australian companies. It has an onshore facility located at the Ashburton North Strategic Industrial Area, 7.4 miles (12 km) west of Onslow in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. The foundation project includes two liquefied natural gas (LNG) trains with a combined capacity of 8.9 million metric tons per annum and a domestic gas plant. In conjunction with the Gorgon Project, it reinforces our position as a leading natural gas supplier and LNG operator in the Asia-Pacific region. 

wheatstone project map

The Wheatstone project is located in Western Australia, 7.4 miles (12 km) west of Onslow.



wheatstone LNG trains 1 and 2




chevron wheatstone overview

chevron wheatstone overview

Wheatstone is set to become one of Australia’s largest resource projects—providing greater security of supply as well as significant economic benefits, such as employment, government revenue and local business opportunities.

“The Chevron-led Wheatstone Project, as Australia’s first LNG hub concept, is an example of what’s possible.”

Nigel Hearne
Managing Director, Chevron Australia

making history

making history

The Wheatstone platform is the largest offshore gas-processing platform ever installed in Australia, with a topside weight of about 37,000 metric tons, and the largest float-over installation Chevron has ever delivered globally.

economic development

economic benefits

We’re buying local—from site construction contracts to sourcing of goods and services. Since 2011, we have awarded more than 300* contracts to Australian companies. Beyond our AU$11 billion commitment to Australian goods and services, we’re empowering local businesses to be competitive in the industry. We developed a program that brings together three key economic development providers to guide Pilbara-based small businesses on contracting standards and best practices. This type of collaborative concept is an Australian first. 

wheatstone hook up

In addition to Wheatstone, the projects Chevron has invested in and its other activities in Australia are expected to deliver significant long-term direct and indirect economic benefits to the Australian economy.

benefits from the wheatstone project*



thousand direct and indirect local jobs created

powering local homes


million households supplied with electricity**

growing the economy


billion forecasted addition to Australia's GDP

*2015 ACIL Allen Report. All economic forecasts are based on the period 2009 to 2040 and are based on indicative estimates as of January 2015.
**At full capacity by Wheatstone domgas.

in the community

investing in our communities

With more than 60 years of exploration and production in Western Australia, we’re committed to bringing lasting benefits to our neighbors, friends and families here.

Together with the Western Australian government, we’re making significant investments in and around Onslow. Our partnerships with local communities focus on five key areas—health, education, environment, economic development and sense of community. We currently partner with and support more than 35 community programs in Western Australia.

investing in an active community

investing in an active community

Through a partnership with the Swan Districts Football Club, we hope to encourage Onslow students to stay engaged in their education.


Already, more than AU$250 million has been committed to social and critical infrastructure projects.

These projects aim to upgrade health and education 

The Wheatstone Project is a joint venture between Australian subsidiaries of Chevron (64.14 percent), Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company (KUFPEC) (13.4 percent), Woodside Petroleum Limited (13 percent), and Kyushu Electric Power Company (1.46 percent), together with PE Wheatstone Pty Ltd, part owned by JERA (8 percent).