designing for a lower carbon future designing for a lower carbon future

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“Colorful Colorado” is just one way to describe this state graced with the magnificent scenery of mountains, rivers and plains. Maintaining that beauty is one of the reasons Chevron’s Rockies Business Unit is reimagining what responsibly producing oil and gas looks like, with the goal of a lower carbon future.

A new facility design in the DJ Basin of Colorado, which includes operating without production tanks, flowback equipment or flare systems, is expected to reduce overall carbon intensity by up to 90% when compared to legacy designs.

tankless facilitiestankless facilities

The surface footprint is also reduced by more than 95% and represents a 15% to 20% lower life-cycle cost facility design from prior generations.

This is all accomplished through electrical power, modern flowback technology and producing spec oil direct to pipeline.

Electric power essentially means electrifying the rig, which reduces local emissions, reduces over-the-road truck traffic because of no need for deliveries of fuel, and makes the location more ear-friendly due to the lack of onsite generators.

Learn more about this innovative design and how the team collaborated to make it a reality.

Published: November 2021