chevron leaders on racial injustice and discrimination

As the human energy company, we are just that – humans, and we’ve felt the impact of what is happening in the United States around racial injustice. Our company is rooted in a diverse and inclusive culture, but we also understand it is our time to listen and learn.

In response to the events of the past few weeks in the United States, a number of our leaders have been sharing their thoughts online and with fellow employees. Below are excerpts from their statements:

I share the anger and pain felt by so many Americans at the recent killings of unarmed black men and women. Racism and brutality have no place in America. Yet these incidents still occur. And they impact people well beyond those directly affected by such tragedies. Including people at our company.

I absolutely believe we are stronger when we embrace our differences, and now is an important time to do just that.

Mike Wirth


For Chevron, this is an opportunity to do an honest appraisal of who we are as a company and what we stand for… Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is fundamental. And with this foundation we can always regain lost perspective. Our values offer a place we can always turn to for renewal and become whole.

Rhonda Morris

chief human resources officer


After learning of George Floyd's murder, the range of emotions I experienced are beyond anything I can capture in a few phrases or sound bites. This pivotal moment forced us all to stop and assess our beliefs about racial inequities, especially related to the Black and African-American communities. We had to also acknowledge the collective exhaustion, confusion and fear that many Chevron employees may be experiencing. The glimmer of hope in the face of such horror lies in our core values, as diversity and inclusion has been a part of our DNA for decades. As such, we have renewed our commitment to creating and sustaining a workplace that is diverse, inclusive and equitable.

Josetta Jones

chief diversity and inclusion officer

As I reflect on all that is happening, I take courage today from a few things: Lee’s observation that we are all on a learning journey; that our company encourages us to take that journey together and that so many of you are willing and thoughtful teachers whose examples eloquently challenge us to live by the values in The Chevron Way.

Jay Johnson

executive vice president, upstream

Inequality in treatment, for no reason other than the color of skin, is a stain American society has not yet erased.

What I especially value about Chevron is that when we decide something is important, we come together and ACT. So I am encouraged by the recognition expressed by many for the need to have a dialogue about systemic bias and make a commitment to combat racism wherever it exists.

Bruce Niemeyer

vice president, strategy and sustainability

Diversity and inclusion are foundational to The Chevron Way – and it is up to all of us to be present, be allies and be actionable in the ugly face of racism, discrimination and injustice.

Dale Walsh

vice president, corporate affairs

This is a difficult time for all of us. Chevron’s Black Employee Network remains committed to being a proactive agent of change. We reject systemic racism. We support diversity, equity and inclusion. We offer a safe space for Chevron employees to come together to share their thoughts and feelings about the times we are living in and what can be done to shape a better future.

We are stronger together even in the times that we feel most alone.

Reneé West

black employee network president

Published: June 2020