creating prosperity

everywhere we work, we strive to build lasting partnerships to create prosperity now and for decades to come

our global impact

Through decades of experience, we’ve learned that the success of our business is deeply linked to society’s progress.

invested in global goods and services



over the last five years

contributed to global social investments



over the last five years

local economic impact

Chevron partners with independent research and analysis firms to assess our economic impact on countries where we operate. These studies evaluate Chevron’s direct and indirect spending throughout our supply chain and show the positive impact on local employment and spending, which improves livelihoods.


helping our
communities succeed

Beyond contributions to our partner countries through direct business investments and taxes, we contribute to local communities by making strategic social investments in three core areas: health, education and economic development. Each pin on this interactive map represents an example of Chevron’s social investment programs and partnerships. Click on the pins to explore the map and learn how these programs impact the communities where we operate.

our partnership

Our partnership initiatives around the world strengthen local economies through programs that focus on enterprise and workforce development and improve education. Among these partnerships are the Niger Delta Partnership Initiative (NDPI), the Appalachia Partnership Initiative (API) in the United States, the Bangladesh Partnership Initiative (BPI) and the Thailand Partnership Initiative (TPI). By leveraging our partners’ resources and expertise we can help drive scale and sustainable impact in these communities.