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Chevron is focused on contributing to employee and community health and well-being. In partnerships, we bring global experience, leadership and financial resources to assist in addressing the health risks having the greatest potential impact on our colleagues, their families and the communities where we operate. Together we leverage data to inform, educate and advocate for improvements in health.

workforce wellness is at our core

At Chevron, our wide-ranging workforce wellness programs focus on whole-person health — the body, mind and lifestyle. In our operations, we evaluate work-site conditions and staff behaviors to help allow employees to perform the physical, psychological and cognitive requirements safely. Our programs, like Healthy Heart and Healthy You help many employees learn how diet, exercise, and lifestyle affect their health. Where they are deployed, Chevron’s wellness programs provide resources to address lifestyle risk factors that increase risk of cardiovascular disease – smoking, excessive stress, poor nutrition, overweight/obesity, abnormal cholesterol and triglycerides, elevated blood pressure, diabetes and sleep issues.

Our Health & Medical team considers health equity when assessing workforce health strategies and in supporting prevention, education and treatment that may benefit the communities where we operate. We believe programs that are accessible, affordable, prevention-focused and culturally and globally relevant can go a long way toward addressing equity issues.

In alignment with our global HIV/AIDS policy, Chevron provides education, promotes prevention, prohibits discrimination against HIV-positive colleagues, and in some areas of operation greatly impacted by the disease we provide treatment and support for affected employees.

Chevron’s Healthy You program offers tools and resources to help eligible participants reach their health goals. The program is mobile and on-demand, which fits the needs of our global workforce to help them reduce stress, make healthier life choices and take steps to protect themselves from communicable diseases, including COVID-19. Now available in four languages, the program has extended its reach into 18 countries, where it is demonstrating its effectiveness in supporting a healthier, safer, more productive workforce.

Another resource available to employees is the meQuilibrium (meQ) app, a stress-management tool designed to help users learn ways to navigate stress, overcome negative thinking, and build greater resilience to the stressful thoughts and situations that come with daily life. Chevron meQ members scored higher than members at other companies in several key areas, including overall resilience, connection to their job and connection to their team.

The meQuilibrium (meQ) app has been expanded to include employees’ adult dependents and made available in more languages, making it accessible to our global workforce and their families.

We look at health and wellness not as a series of programs but as an opportunity to address key health challenges for our diverse workforce. We have implemented a systematic method for assessing worksite wellness programs and a structure for engagement and reporting, including our e-magazine “Health Matters”. Our proactive prevention-focused health and wellness programs are integrated with our safety and occupational health programs where possible.

delivering results in health

Employee and community wellness
Peer Health Education (PHE) supports Chevron’s health and wellness initiatives by empowering employee volunteers to influence and role-model among their peers. Through the program, more than 440 peer educators have been trained as workforce and community health champions around the world. These employees deliver health support and referrals to their peers through education, programming and activities designed to build capacity and positive behavior change. They also increase health awareness in their communities through planned engagements and event participation.

mental and emotional health
The Chevron Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and WorkLife Services is a free, confidential consulting service for employees, their family members and retirees worldwide. The EAP team connects beneficiaries to advisors who assist in the resolution of personal and work-related concerns.

To maintain operations at Angola LNG at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, an emergency management team listened to employees who articulated a need for rest, exercise and stress relief. In consultation with Chevron’s Health & Medical doctors, Angola LNG developed the Strength and Resilience Movement – a calendar of activities, education events and special meals to create a sense of community and provide opportunities for rest, exercise and stress relief.

In Israel, workers on the Leviathan Production Platform engaged in a “Lose to Win” campaign aimed at healthy weight loss.

With a grant from Chevron, the international nonprofit organization PATH is supporting Nigeria’s decision-making processes for the potential phased introduction of the malaria vaccine through the National Primary Health Care Development Agency and the Nigeria Federal Ministry of Health.

We believe equity-focused interventions with partnerships that support health systems can significantly improve public health outcomes. Nigeria’s evidence-based vaccine adoption processes and the country’s proposed plans to introduce the malaria vaccines to reach children in greatest need reflect this priority of Chevron and PATH.

Our promotion of prevention, education and treatment extends beyond our businesses. For example, our road safety programs help protect employee, contractor and community health by improving driver decision-making, thereby reducing hazards resulting from unsafe driving conditions. Our strong safety culture is also built on sharing with family, friends and neighbors in the community. We not only practice it, we encourage it.

enabling road safety

Chevron’s commitment to partnership and safety in China is visible in Chuandongbei, where we have a 49% nonoperating interest in the project. The team identified road safety as a critical issue for local children. Together with the AIP Foundation, Chevron created the Walk Wise Road Safety program to address the hazards of unsafe driving and poorly maintained roads. Since the initial program sponsorship in 2012, the program has benefited 156,000 students and 300,000 parents, who demonstrated improved knowledge, attitudes and behaviors toward road safety.

healthy communities benefit everyone

We exercise our citizenship by investing in partnerships to combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, Zika, dengue fever and other infectious diseases in risk-prone locations.

SEAOHUN universities are working together to develop the next generation of health professionals with the right set of skills and mindset to respond to infectious disease threats. We are partnering with SEAOHUN on a program called “Strengthening One Health Education in Southeast Asia.” This program aims to improve public health literacy in children and lays the foundation for effective public responses to future infectious disease threats. The program provides opportunities for Chevron to engage with an extensive network of national, regional and international One Health stakeholders in the areas where we operate.

Our partnerships with organizations such as The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Pact, and Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative achieve meaningful results globally and locally. One such example is our long-standing support of the Global Fund and their work in Africa and the Pacific Rim fighting HIV/AIDS. In 2018, they directed $2.5 million from recent Chevron funding to provide anti-retroviral therapy to almost 20,000 people and helped prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS. Since 2008 we have contributed over $60 million to the Global Fund, contributing to their success in saving more than 27 million lives.

In Indonesia, Chevron supports the Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa Foundation, an organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty through education and innovative financing. Beginning in December 2021, Chevron Pacific Indonesia and the YCAB Foundation collaboratively held a two-month mass vaccination program to administer COVID-19 vaccines to residents of West Java, an Indonesian province where vaccinations had previously lagged.

The Chevron/Adventist Health Mobile Clinic provides easier access to health care for underserved rural and remote communities in Kern County, California. Chevron contributed funds toward the construction of the clinic, which in 2021 assisted in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in the county’s rural areas, where lack of health insurance can impede well-being.

In Equatorial Guinea, we support local government and industry partners in the Bioko Island Malaria Elimination Project with the aim of eradicating malaria from the island. Since 2004, BIMEP’s medical initiatives have contributed to a 55% reduction in malaria parasites among children aged 2 to 14 and a 63% reduction in the mortality rate among children under 5 years old, as reported by the implementing partner, Medical Care Development International.

For more than 30 years, Positive Resource Center has served the needs of San Francisco’s most vulnerable people and communities, including those struggling with substance abuse, HIV/AIDS and behavioral health challenges. In 2021, Chevron contributed funds to support PRC programs involving workforce development, behavioral health initiatives, and diversity and prosperity health issues. PRC was formed through the merger of Positive Resource Center, Baker Places and the AIDS Emergency Fund.