STEM education partners and programs

we cultivate innovative partnerships with education organizations, local governments, local communities and nonprofit organizations

investing in tomorrow's workforce

Take a closer look at our STEM partnerships and programs in the United States.


supporting makers

Chevron partners with organizations to expand opportunities for makers to imagine, design and create. We’re proud to support the Maker Movement, a global effort to empower students and adults to create, innovate, tinker and make their ideas into reality.

equipping today's teachers

Chevron also supports STEM education by investing in teacher training programs designed to strengthen faculty. Chevron is proud to partner with California State University and support its STEM Teacher and Researcher program, a recognized innovation in teacher preparation.

chevron's support for teacher training programs

The STAR program engages aspiring and early-career teachers in cutting-edge research projects, primarily at national laboratories, and helps them translate their research experience into classroom practice.

chevron's support for teacher training programs