exploration & production in

As the leading international oil company in the Asia-Pacific region, Chevron provides energy for millions of people, creates local economic opportunity and contributes to the energy security of the region’s nations.

Today, we’re the top oil and natural gas producer in Thailand and a leading oil producer in Indonesia. We are the top natural gas resource holder in Australia, where we have two mega gas projects. Exploration and production operations in Bangladesh, China and Myanmar round out our Asia-Pacific portfolio.

building for the future

We’re also building for the future by exploring for new oil and gas resources, applying technology to boost production from existing fields, and constructing major capital projects to bring new energy supplies to the region.

In Australia, Gorgon is one of the world’s biggest natural gas projects, and Wheatstone is the country’s first third-party natural gas hub. These projects represent a source of liquefied natural gas for Asia-Pacific customers and domestic gas for Western Australia for decades to come.

Our Chuandongbei Project provides needed natural gas to southwestern China. We’ve created a sophisticated, highly effective factory drilling system in the Gulf of Thailand to deliver increased natural gas supplies to Thailand, where we meet approximately 35 percent of the nation’s natural gas demand. The three fields Chevron operates in Bangladesh produced an average of 622 million cubic feet of natural gas per day in 2020.

Chevron's partnership with the people and the Government of Indonesia can be traced back to 1924. In 2020 net daily production in Indonesia averaged 130,000 barrels of liquids and 44 million cubic feet of natural gas. In August 2021 we handed over the Rokan production sharing contract to the government.

In Myanmar, we’re helping to meet Southeast Asia’s energy needs through a joint venture that produces natural gas from the Yadana, Badamyar and Sein fields.

For the latest figures, view the 2022 Supplement to the Annual Report.