call 811 before digging
Protect yourself and your community.
Before every digging project, a call must be placed to 811.

call 811 before digging

Chevron Pipe Line Company places the highest priority on safe and environmentally sound operations, and on protecting the well-being of the communities in which we operate. It is important to our company to raise public awareness around pipeline safety and to provide a better understanding of how we all can take responsibility for preventing damage to underground petroleum and/or natural gas pipelines.

Our Community Awareness and Outreach Program is designed to enhance the community's awareness of pipeline safety, the use of the One-Call process and how to recognize and respond to pipeline emergency events. As part of these activities, Chevron Pipe Line Company distributes informational and educational brochures to communities and businesses along existing pipeline right-of-ways, local government officials, emergency response personnel and members of the construction and excavation industry.

The brochures in each of the sections below are for informational purposes only. We encourage you to print out and respond to the surveys included therein. Please mail all completed surveys in a stamped envelope to:

Chevron Pipe Line Company
1400 Smith Street
Houston, Texas 77002


homeowners & landowners

Chevron Pipe Line Company is committed to helping the communities we serve live safely nearby underground pipelines. For important information to help protect you and your household, please download and read the following brochure:



Each year, underground pipeline systems safely deliver millions of gallons of petroleum and natural gas products to meet our nation's energy needs. For guidelines on pipeline safety for your jobsite, please download and read the following:


emergency responders

Chevron’s underground pipeline systems are designed for safe, quiet and efficient operation. In the event of an emergency, please refer to the following brochure for important information on minimizing disruptions:


guidelines for property development

The American Petroleum Institute (API) along with the liquid petroleum pipeline industry have developed guidelines to improve understanding and increase awareness of the nature of underground pipelines that transport oil, petroleum products, natural gas liquids and other hazardous liquids and how to conduct land development and use activity near pipeline rights-of-way. Note: The requirements for these guidelines may vary among pipeline operators, therefore it is important to check with the pipeline operator before the design or work begins.


public officials

Chevron Pipe Line’s systems are an important part of the community, safely transporting millions of gallons of petroleum products every day. For more information on maximizing the safety of all members of your community, please download and review the following brochure:

Public Officials