big ships, even bigger impact

At Chevron Shipping Company, we strive to power human progress reliably, affordably and ever-cleaner by safely transporting crude oil, liquefied natural gas, refined products and chemicals to help meet the growing global demand for energy. Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCCs) are part of how we meet this colossal challenge to deliver oil across oceans and seas.

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massive for a modern world

The immense size of these ships helps lower the total cost per delivered barrel of crude oil. This way we can realize economies of scale and deliver affordable energy. VLCCs help deliver products to the market reliably, efficiently and at a competitive cost.

our ships can carry over
million gallons of crude oil,

that’s enough to take about 40,000 road trips around the globe

our ships can carry roughly
thousand metric tons,

which equals the weight of about 175 thousand standard cars

our ships are
meters long,

making them some of the largest
ships on the water

our longest ship is
meters longer than
the Eiffel Tower
longest ship is 336 meters, Eiffel Tower is 324 meters
our longest ship is
meters longer than
the Eiffel Tower
longest ship is 336 meters, Eiffel Tower is 324 meters

innovation at scale

Innovative technology allows us to increase cargo size while reducing our impact on the environment.

sharper bow design

Updated design helps reduce wave resistance which improves efficiency at slower speeds.

exhaust gas cleaning systems

Help us reduce sulfur oxide emissions by up to 80%, exceeding worldwide standards

advanced propeller

The propeller nozzle is used to reduce cavitation which makes the vessel more efficient.

going the distance

Transporting crude on massive tankers, across thousands of miles, presents challenges. We are proud of our safety record and continue to strive for incident-free operations.

we navigate an average of
miles per voyage

we’re only as good as our people

At Chevron Shipping Company, our people are our greatest resource. It’s their ingenuity that helps us solve challenges on a global scale. From shoreside to our mariners onboard our ships, we’re fully invested in our people.

ships are floating communities

Crews are at sea for weeks at a time, covering thousands of nautical miles. Each VLCC is equipped with technology to help crews meet the demands of the job as well as amenities to help them sustain a healthy lifestyle.

safety at the core

We deliver world-class performance by operating responsibly. We live by two key safety principles: do it safely or not at all, and there is always time to do it right.

like a big family

We’re proud of our diversity, with mariners coming from many countries and cultures. Each person brings unique experiences and talents creating an environment where we learn from and respect each other’s differences. From solving problems to cooking meals, our diversity is our strength.

eating together

When a long day of work is done, the crew settles in to eat a meal together. Satisfying everyone’s cravings and tastes is said to be one of the most difficult jobs on the ship.

“Delivering products that meet and exceed customer expectations is why the future is exciting at Chevron.”

Chandler Grenier
Project and Technical Services manager

powering human progress

Our mariners circumnavigate the globe to deliver reliable, affordable, ever-cleaner energy to people worldwide. The energy we provide enables human progress, which improves countless lives.