caltex fuels and lubricants

drive business growth by partnering with an iconic global brand

Caltex® is a respected, high profile brand, recognised for quality and integrity in many countries across the world. It has the heritage, reputation and value that can drive your business to greater competitive advantage across regions.

“Caltex’s heritage, global recognition, and pedigree in technology performance set it apart as one of the world’s great oil & gas brands, providing significant value to the businesses that operate under it.”

Richard Haigh

Managing Director, Finance

Licensing the world-class Caltex brand in fuels retailing or lubricants, inclusive of manufacture, sales and marketing management, presents a comprehensive range of products that reflect caltex’s leadership in performance.


the benefits of partnering with caltex

When you invest in the Caltex brand and generate returns from this exclusive licensing you’ll be supported by Chevron, and we’ll work together to benefit from:

  • One of the world’s most recognised brands
  • Ongoing development of new technologies
  • Global OEM partnerships and approvals
  • Robust global supply chain infrastructure
  • Channel expertise and comprehensive support
  • Digital sales and marketing support tools

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