texaco fuels and lubricants

one of the world’s most recognized brands

Together, we can build on the heritage of a strong, recognizable global brand. The Texaco brand is independently verified as one of the world’s leading Superbrands by the Centre for Brand Analysis in recognition of its global brand presence. Drive your business and increase revenues by partnering with an iconic global brand.

“Texaco’s heritage, global recognition, and pedigree in technology performance set it apart as one of the world’s great oil & gas brands, providing significant value to the businesses that operate under it.”

David Haigh

CEO, Brand Finance

ongoing development of new technologies

Texaco is part of the Chevron brand family. Chevron is the 4th largest oil company in the world, and the only fully integrated lubricants company. This means the Texaco brand is backed by global technology expertise, with the ability to show future thinking through the latest R&D investment.

global OEM partnerships and approvals

We believe in gaining full manufacturer approvals through testing, backed up by extensive proof of performance tests and customer testimonials. We work in partnership with OEMs around the world when developing our products, enabling our products to gain approvals for most publicly available approvals specifications.

robust global supply chain infrastructure

Chevron is one of the world’s largest producers of premium base oil. Today more than 60% of premium base oil is produced using Chevron Technology. Base oil quality is critical to lubricant performance, as lubricants are 75-99% base oil. Operating a global product slate, from start to finish, from raw materials direct from the manufacturer, we are dedicated to continued technology leadership.

channel expertise and comprehensive support

Thanks to our network of experienced and knowledgeable sales and support staff, you’ll have access to our global technical expertise as well as product recommendation tools. From industry technical specialists through dedicated customer service representatives, to engineering and operational experts, our global team have the knowledge and experience to support your business.

digital sales and marketing support

We will provide you and your business with the digital sales tools and marketing support your sales force needs to deliver more value to customers and capitalize on opportunities to drive long term growth. Through our comprehensive technology suite, including CRM and our dedicated sales and marketing support portal – Chevron Business Point – we can provide your business the assets you need to succeed.