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3 ways we’re answering the call for affordable, reliable and ever-cleaner energy

1 min read | july 28, 2022

“Action on climate change and clean energy remains more urgent than ever,” said President Joe Biden in a recent statement. As the president cites his resolve to act on climate change, we are reminded of our role at Chevron in delivering the affordable, reliable, ever-cleaner energy needed to achieve a more prosperous energy future.

why it matters

Climate change is a global issue, and we know every person, country and industry must do their part. That’s why we’re driving improvements in our environmental performance.

that sounds big. how’s it going?

Three ways we’re delivering affordable, reliable and ever-cleaner energy.

  1. Methane reduction. We continue to lead in methane management in our U.S. operations, particularly in the Permian, where our methane emissions intensity is about two-thirds lower than the global industry average.
    • We’re also improving methane detection, rethinking facility designs, optimizing equipment and deploying new operational practices to lower emissions.
    • Read more about how we’re applying technologies to find and fix methane emissions.
  2. Renewable fuels. We’ve made notable progress in the renewable fuels space, and in 2021, we launched Chevron New Energies to accelerate lower carbon solutions in our own businesses and for other businesses.
    • We’re working to grow production of renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel, renewable natural gas, biodiesel and renewable base oil.
    • Read more about how Chevron has become a leading renewable fuel company.
  3. Responsibly sourced gas. We are a certified producer of responsibly sourced gas, recently earning Project Canary’s highest ratings for operation and environmental performance.
    • Project Canary’s independent analysis was conducted on our Texas and Colorado assets.
    • Learn more about the assessment.

go deeper

Our upstream operations have been working to lower carbon intensity to support our net zero aspiration. Read more about our carbon intensity reduction efforts.

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