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celebrating the women powering the human energy company

Women are making a difference across every part of Chevron. It’s because of their many contributions that we’re the company we are today. This International Women’s day, we celebrate the women playing an integral role in our business and those who paved the way before them.

a rich past. a bright future.

This international women’s day meet the women who’ve contributed to our long history and bright future

From one of the first women employees in 1885 to the many women in today’s leadership roles, Chevron has a long history of women making important contributions to our company.

From CFOs to refinery managers to engineers to truck drivers and nearly everything in between, there are incredible women in every part of Chevron. This International Women’s Day we’re celebrating and honoring the women of Chevron’s past and present who broke barriers to become the first woman in their fields.

These are a few of the "first" women who broke the door open for others and paved the way for women to continue to play a vital role in Chevron’s future.

Published: March 2020