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volunteer voices amplify accessibility in Kazakhstan

2 min read | december 07, 2023

Ardak Alimakanova recorded audio in Russian as part of a nationwide project to ensure people with disabilities have equal access in public places.

Ardak Alimakanova, a lifelong resident of Kazakhstan, is speaking up for accessibility. Fluent in English, Kazakh and Russian, she’s using her voice to help visually impaired people learn about her country’s rich past.

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Alimakanova is one of 20 Chevron employees that volunteered for a project called “Opening the World: Creating Accessible Environment in the National Museum of Kazakhstan for Blind and Visually Impaired Children.”

As visually impaired visitors pass through the halls of the museum’s 16 exhibits, they can hear Alimakanova paint a picture of nearby artifacts and their cultural significance.

“This project was a wonderful opportunity to make a small contribution toward a great cause.”

ardak alimakanova

strategy and business performance advisor

There are close to 700,000 persons with disabilities in Kazakhstan. Of those, 20,000 are visually impaired. This nationwide initiative—funded by Chevron, in partnership with the national museum in Astana and the Dara Charity Foundation—is helping ensure that people with disabilities have equal access in public places like cultural centers and sports facilities.

illustration of a person in a wheelchair looking at a piece of art and another person using an assisted listening device

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Over the course of three days, Alimakanova and other Chevron volunteers recorded audio content in their preferred language. For Alimakanova, she read in Russian. She was thrilled to donate her time and expertise to such a meaningful project.

“This was an interesting and fun experience,” said Alimakanova, a 17-year employee of Chevron. “I’m honored to help create a mood for listeners and acquaint them with a place and time in history.”

Here is a sample of her work:

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When it comes to amplifying access for people with disabilities, Chevron continues to move the needle forward.

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