mentoring the next generation of innovators

Delivering energy to the world requires a wide range of technologies and the best and brightest minds to develop them. At Chevron, we employ thousands of technologists, but membership in the Chevron Fellows is reserved for those whose contributions are best described as visionary.

The Chevron Fellows are the best and brightest technical minds in the company. Through the Mentoring Excellence in Technology program, the Fellows help to prepare the next generation of technical specialists at Chevron.

Today, there are about 30 active Fellows working within the company. This group of experts works across various disciplines, but each uses the power of technology to face new challenges and pursue innovations in the energy industry.

chevron fellows mentor the next generation of innovators

chevron fellows mentor the next generation of innovators

Paul Siegele, chief technology officer at Chevron, introduces the Chevron Fellows who are working to meet the world’s energy demand – now and for the future.

Updated: August 2015